Name: Barry Carragher

Nationality: Irish 

Meet the Crew


Paddy O'Connor - I chose Paddy due to his experience & knowledge in endurance cycling. His accomplishmentts include completing the Team Joe Barr 200, The Joe Barr 500, the Donegal 555 along with many other events.

We have cycled together for many years. His knowledge on the team will be second to none.

Tracy Carragher - 'THE BOSS' - My wife, who is always there to support me. She's a great organiser. She always has my back and knows me like no-one else. I know she will have the right words to push me beyond my limits and get me to the finish line.

Martin Boyle - I met Martin through a cycling club in our local town. We have cycled together in the Wicklow 200 and many other sportive events. This is Martin's first time crewing - watch this space - we hope to see him on the start line next year.

Meet the Rider

This is my first endurance cycling event. 200 miles in the world of endurance is quite short but for me it's a big challenge. I got an insight into the Race Joe Barr endurance series when I crewed for Paddy O'Connor and Stephen Sweeney (RIP) in 2019. I saw first hand how well the lads performed and I felt this event was a challenge I could take on. Fast forward 12 months and here I am.

Why I go the distance


What motivates me is the support I have from friends and family. I enjoy pushing myself to the end result. Best of luck to all the riders. Stay safe.