Name: Micky Burns

Nationality: Irish 

Meet the Crew

Dermy Doran

The driver, big gentleman and all round Mr Nice Guy, nothing phases him and he's the sort of guy everyone would love having on his team. He's full of craic and the best man for the job, hands down. He understands what I'm doing and what my goals are going forward in the world of ultra-cycling.

He keeps me right both on and off the bike, making sure I'm eating, sleeping and resting and not working too hard :)

He's also a keen cyclist and we would train together when he's not driving.

Thomas Burns

Me baby borther, he cycles too and does a bit of training with me when he can. He understands the road I'm going down to go further in ultra-cycling.

Thomas has been with me on a 24 hr cycle where he looked after me and attended to my every need.

He talks, I listen and visa versa. He is fully hands on when I need him so I know he's a good asset to the team going forward. 

Meet the Rider

I started cycling March 2010. I entered the Wicklow 200 the same year, finished it and from there I got the appetite to challenge myself more and more. 

Fast forward to 2013, after piling up the mileage I bit the bullet and booked a 24hr cycle from Newcastle to London. When I completed it I knew that ultra-cycling was something I wanted to do.

Then due to injury I was off the bike for almost 2 years. After a slow receovery and the support of family and friends, I made it back to the bike and signed up for the 24hr Isle of Man in 2016. In the middle of that I was roped into doing a marathon!

So 18 months laster, very little bike miles and many marathons later I woke up one morning and said, 'no more running, it's the bike I love'. So now I'm 110% focused on the bike and getting in deep in this mad world of ultra-cycling. Just hope I don't run into those running mates of mine again:)

Why I go the distance

I get inspired by all the everyday people in this world who go the extra mile to achieve their goals and help others with theirs.

Then you have the likes of Sean Kelly, Joe Barr and Alberto Contador, 3 BIG names who inspire me. I've read about them, watched them and I'm learning from them every day. From reading Sean's book, Hunger (a few times), to watching Joe's videos on YouTube (OMG) to admiring Alberto dance on those pedals up the Alps, it's these sorts of things that inspires me, gives me the drive to go the distance and reach for my goals.