Name: Adrian Mallon


Meet the Crew

My crew will be made up of my two nephews Conor and Aidan. It's a family affair plus they do a bit of cycling themselves.

Meet the Rider

This will be my third time entering The Joe Barr 200.

Year one I made it to the finish line but I did not finish last year. Let's see what happens in year 3!

(Joe here - coming back to the same start line after a DNF (did not finish) takes a lot of courage. Chapeau to Adrian who is taking the distance on again. I'll be watching your dot closely and willing you on Adrian! I have every faith that you will finish.)


Why I go the distance


Endurance cycling is something I like as it is more mental than physical.

I admire all the riders who take on big distance. It's a sport that deserves to be supported more.