Name: Aidan Hegarty

Nationality: Irish 

Meet the Crew

Albert Clasby and Clive Burns - we cycle a lot together. We have completed the Donegal 555 and Race Around Ireland as part of a 4-man team. 

Albert and I completed the Team Joe Barr 200 2-person team in 2019 with Clive as a crew member.

Albert is a great man to organise things and plan ahead.

Clive is a great man to keep you motivated with plenty of humour thrown in. There is great comradery between us and some great banter cycling together, which makes it all very enjoyable.

Meet the Rider

Endurance cycling has taught me that while it is tough, it's also rewarding and once you get the bike moving you are always making progress!


Why I go the distance


That's an interesting question, I suppose when I take on a challenge I want to complete it to the best of my ability and there is great satisfaction looking back knowing that, while it was tough, the goal was achieved.

To know that I have good friends and family behind me keeps me going.