Name: Chris Beattie

Nationality: UK 

Meet the Crew

Usually, on Ultra events, we would have between 5 - 8 crew however on this occasion with covid19 protocols I will be supported on the road by my Crew Chief Roger and Geoff.

Roger is a master at all planning, logistics, navigation etc so he has my back covered taking away the stress!

Geoff has a wealth of experience crewing and capable to take on all tasks needed and will be my main driver on this occasion. You need faith in the person driving right behind you at night! The crew is such an important part of the race and without them, I wouldn’t even be on the start line, every race is a team effort.

Meet the Rider

I started Ultra Racing in 2017 after stepping up from International GranFondo racing everywhere from California to Italy which ignited off the back of my mainstream road racing years.

Unfortunately, I missed racing in 2018 following a massive training crash! 2019 season results came in Team Joe Barr 500 & the Irish Ultra Challenge. 2020 has been challenging with covid19 restrictions and protocols as well recovering fully from major abdominal surgery in the winter but already having Donegal Ultra 555 behind me this year has helped get me back to fully competitive levels again.

Why I go the distance

I race to push the boundaries of my capabilities. Always striving to be the best I can be physically & mentally. Certainly, I can be very demanding in terms of equipment, back up etc but the crew all love the excitement of endurance racing and gel well together as a unit which is crucial. They also want to learn at every event and be the best team possible. Our ultimate aim is still RAAM solo. So for now until we net the big sponsor needed every race still builds towards that big goal. 2020 has been all about stepping up again for 2021 goals and carrying more speed, so the TJB330 is going to be another opportunity for a fast race if the weather plays ball!