Name: Denise Molloy

Nationality: Irish 

Meet the Crew

Michael Molloy

Michael is my husband and was part of the winning Race Around Ireland 4-man team in 2018. He is probably the reason I am taking on this challenge!

John Lee

He was part of the same 2018 4-man Race Around Ireland team and is a true inspiration to me. 

Meet the Rider

I have not done a lot of ultra cycling to date. I typically race duathalons and run marathons. Last year Michael and I went on a trip to Australia where we both took on the challenge of completing our first Iron Man, swimming not being my strong suit at all! I like to challange myself and nothing pleases me more than crossing that finish line surrounded by my family. It's a proud and memorable moment.

I had originally entered The Joe Barr 500 as part of a 2-person team with Kellie Farrell. When the Race Joe Barr series decided not to host the teams due to COVID-19 I took on the solo 200-mile event. I was a bit daunted at first but am looking forward to the challenge.

Why I go the distance

I work fulltime and am a mother to 3 almost grown up children. This gives me more freedon to train these days. They come with me to most of the races and it's their presence that helps me be the best I can be.

Also - people in my community and local clubs inspire me. Most have fulltime jobs, families yet still achieve great things.