Name: Ian McCaffrey

Nationality: Irish 

Meet the Crew

Damien Faulker - he's a accomplished cyclist and Iron Man having completed Norseman Extreme Triathalon in 2019 and due to compee in Black Lakes Extreme Triathalon in Montenegro this September. 

He is a disciplined and seasoned athlete from a military backgroun with huge experience in nutrition and endurance.

Paul Duffy - he's a strong cyclist and our route planner for the Whiteriver Wheelers Club spins. He is well experienced in crewing on many club events over the years and I will be relying heavily on his expertise and calmness for the event. He will be my navigator on The TJB Coastal 330.

Meet the Rider

Having taken up cycling as a leisure sport in 2016 I have completed many Sportives. I had been focused on pushing myself that little bit further but maybe lacked belief in my own ability.

After completing the Giant's Causeway 185km Sportive in 2018 I took on the Team Joe Barr 200 in 2019. I found the event extremely tough but rewarding. I was also inspired by the participants and the entire Race Joe Barr Team.

I have learned that I am not a racer but I can keep going! Since completing the Team Joe Barr 200 I have focused more on nutrition and my heart rate to increase my endurance capacity.

My aim for The TJB Coastal 330 is to make it to the finish line in a respectable time. I will also be raising money on behalf of the Irish Cancer Society.

Why I go the distance

 I have been inspired by members of my Cycling Club, Whiteriver Wheelers who have encouraged me from when I started cycling 4 years ago. They have encouraged me to climb those hills and they have pushed me to sign up for events such as the Team Joe Barr 200, which I lacked the confidence to sign up for myself.

As a child and youth I was not into sports and even when involved I was never good enough to win. I find endurance cycling is not about winning or losing as you are only competing with yourself. The winning is in completion of the events that challenge your ability.

I want to encourage other cyclists, youths and older, into endurance cycling for the challenge, sense of achievement and chance to win.