Name: Karol McNern

Nationality: Irish 

Meet the Crew

Gabriel Timoney

Gabriel is a keen cyclist and triathlete. He is no stranger to endurance after completing Mizen to Malin in 2016 so he knows what is involved. It is good to have him on board,

Paul Ryan

Paul has been on the crew once before during Mizen to Malin last year. Paul has a keen running background and enjoys taking part in triathalon. it's good to have Paul back on the crew.

Paul O'Loughlin

Is no stranger to the bike and a marathon runner. Paul last year completed the Everest challenge, completing 200 hill repeats on a local hill and many marathons including the famous Boston marathon. Paul did crew for me last year on Mizen to Malin.

Jennifer O'Conner

Is new to the crew but comes with great assets such as sports massage therapy. Jennifer always showed an interest in the madness and had gone with Paula, my wife, in the follow vehicle on a training session. She enjoyed it so much and has offered to help with looking after the legs on the lead up to the event!

Meet the Rider

Endurance cycling has impacted me in many ways. For example, I have found a love of challenging myself by pushing into the unknown and to do it with the help and support from crew, family and friends is an unexplainable feeling. The support from people is amazing even people you don't even know who send you messages of support  or encouragement -  that feeling takes me away. I have learned never ever to give up on your dreams, things might not go as planned but you have to find a way to make it happen. 

Why I go the distance

Ordinary people inspire me to go further. Following other events and riders, admiring their progress, their setbacks and getting up and going again - that inspires me.

The people who supported and encouraged me after my accident in 2017. Those who supported my struggle to get back to where I am after many setbacks -  they inspire me and I will be forever grateful to them.