Name: Paride Miglio

Nationality: Italian

Meet the Crew

My crew is made up of 8 people, some have already accompanied me on previous adventures (Race Across America and Race Around Ireland). 

They are people with great travel experiences both as runners and bikers. The feeling I have with them is truly incredible. During the races I just need a smile from them that, as if by magic, my forces multiply. I have total confidence in their work (it couldn't be otherwise).

They are my guardian angels.


Meet the Rider

I approached ultracycling at the age of 50 but I must say it has taught me a lot. It led me to be more aware of my demons, to face my fears and defeat them. My limits are now much more distant.

That small fenced garden that I had around me in which I knew I was 'fine' has now become a boundless prairie where I can run without any fear and when I reach the border...I am not afraid of reaching further and going into the unknown.

Why I go the distance


This passion was passed on to me by my father and exactly one year after his death I started Race Across America and managed to finish it under his star.

My father would surely have been angry at the news of my participation in ultra competitions but then (as he does from up there) he always accompanies me, encourages me to climb, with the strong headwind he would get in front, he kept me awake during long nights.

In short, a great and tireless travel companion and always ready to help me go further, further, further, reach the finish line and...think about new adventures to do together.