Name: Simon O'Dea

Nationality: Irish

Meet the Crew

Alan Heary -  Crew Chief, Alan has been a good friend for many years now. We have been involved in Endurance cycling for over 10 years. Alan has always had my back and encouraged me to take on events like this. Couldn't ask for a more reliable and honest person to have in the car behind me.

Enda Murray - what a super person to have on this, Enda is an all round great guy and has mountains of experience with cycling. 

Both lads will be full of encouragement and abuse during the event, and will give me plenty of both when needed.

Meet the Rider

I've been involved in Race around Ireland for the last 10 years, i have always been amazed with every rider and team that comes across the line, the emotion and effect that these events can have on people. I suppose it drives you on to push yourself to see what I am capable of doing and how far I can possibly go!

Why I go the distance

My family and my friends push me on all the time, with work or whatever I choose to get involved in. 
At the end of the day I push myself on, to see what I can do with limited time and resources. 

This is my first step into solo endurance cycling. I have ridden 200 miles before but not in a timed event.