"If you can master the roads in Ireland you can race anywhere in the world." Joe Barr

Of course Irish roads also come with Irish weather but endurance riders aren't typically put off by the wet stuff that falls from the sky!

The Joe Barr 500 chooses to race in May, because we typically get a chunk of good weather plus the 40 shades of green are on vivid display.

Our goal is to give every rider who races with us a world-class endurance experience.

From the minute you register we’re here to answer your questions.

As soon as you walk through the door at sign-on we’re there to welcome you, and we’ll be there at the finish line too to share in your achievement.

The Joe Barr 500 is Ireland's only Race Across America qualifier. Race Across America is the most prestigious endurance cycling race in the world with an unparalleled history of epic performances.

The Joe Barr 500 is also part of the World Ultra-Cycling Association's (WUCA) 500-mile Challenge and can be used to log a 500-mile race as part of the annual WUCA World Cup.


Joe has personally designed this course to take you off familiar routes and onto the wild and lonely roads that fuel our passion for endurance cycling.

Consider this race a personal invitation from Joe to come and experience the unique terrain and landscape that Irish roads have to offer.


Race Categories

  • Categories include solo supported (under 50 and over 50 age category), solo unsupported (under 50 and over 50 age category) and 2-person teams.
  • A solo supported or 2–person team must have a minimum of 2 crewmembers. All drivers must hold valid driving licences and insurance. Bear in mind that non-riding racers can fulfill crew duties. A minimum of one vehicle that meets the specifications outlined in the RULES is required.
  • bag-drop provision will be made for all solo unsupported riders. We anticipate 2 bag-drops, one at approximately 200-miles and one at 400-miles. A Race Joe Barr official will remain at the bag drop area until all unsupported riders pass through.
  • The Joe Barr 500 is run on unmarked public roads with normal traffic flow and regulations.
  • All support vehicles must pass pre-race scrutiny on Friday May 17th, 2024. All solo riders and at least one member of a 2-person team must attend sign-on and the race briefing on Friday May 17th.

What the Riders say...

I just want to say thanks to you, Joe and the team for a great event. The entire event was very professional and every member of the team was courteous and appreciative. It was great to see so many of the team out on the course. There was a great buzz from Friday evening right through until Saturday night.