The Team Joe Barr 200 is a non-stop 200-mile (320 KMs) World Ultra-Cycling Association accredited endurance cycling race. Each rider will carry a GPS tracker at all times.

This route is designed for the true all-rounder, which means you’ll be climbing, time-trialing, and general road racing in relatively equal proportions. For the endurance beginner it means minimal equipment and crew.

  • Categories include solo and 2-Person teams.
  • Solos and teams must race with one support vehicle and 1 or 2 crewmembers.
  • The race is run on unmarked public roads with normal traffic flow and regulations.
  • Basic navigation skills are required.
  • Your support vehicle must pass pre-race scrutiny on Friday May 19th, 2023. All solo riders and at least one member of a 2-person team must attend sign-on and race briefing Friday May 19th, 2023.

Route Notes

The initial 70 miles offers some opportunity to settle into the race. You’ll quickly cross into Donegal where you’ll find yourself on scenic but unfamiliar roads.

At Barnesmore Gap you'll make a sharp left to find yourself on a magical and quintessential Irish bog road leading towards the first real challenges and climbs in the unforgettable Sperrin Mountains of Co.Tyrone.

You’ll pass by the tallest manmade structure in Ireland, a 305m TV mast overlooking the township of Strabane. From there, your road racing skills will be tested as you negotiate the constant ups and downs within the enchanted Cranagh valley before climbing the infamous and lonely Barnes Gap and Sawel mountain.

Before exiting the Sperrins you'll have a lengthy but worthwhile drag up and over the Legavallon Pot, a glacial melt water feature from the last ice age.

From here, you’ll wind you way towards the entrance of the North Antrim Coast at Coleraine before turning left towards the finish, a section where you'll use your time trialing skills. You can enjoy the panoramic seas views along the way.

What the Riders say...

I enjoyed the whole event, so professional, Team Joe Barr were wonderful and joyful when talking with them. The experience was nothing like I have had at other events.