The Joe Barr 500 is a non-stop 500-mile (800KMs) World Ultra-Cycling Association accredited endurance cycling race, which is also included in the annual WUCA 500-mile World Championship series. Each rider will carry a GPS tracker at all times.

The Joe Barr 500 is also a Race Across America qualifier. Race Across America is the most prestigious endurance cycling race in the world with an unparalleled history of epic performances.

  • Categories include solos and 2-person teams.
  • A solo or 2–person team must have a minimum of 2 crewmembers, although more are highly recommended. All drivers must hold valid driving licences and insurance. Bear in mind that non-riding racers can fulfill crew duties. A minimum of one vehicle that meets the specifications outlined in the RULES is required.
  • The Joe Barr 500 is run on unmarked public roads with normal traffic flow and regulations.
  • All support vehicles must pass pre-race scrutiny, Friday May 19th, 2023. All solo riders and at least one member of a 2-person team must attend sign-on and race briefing Friday May 19th.

Race Notes 

 This 500-mile (800km) course is an exciting and innovative combination of The TJB Coastal 330 and the Team Joe Barr 200.
Racers will experience the crashing seas off Donegal’s wild Atlantic coastline in the first 300-mile section before the road carries them inland into the mystical and enchanted Sperrin Mountains of County Tyrone.
This is a true 500-mile (800KM) championship course with just over 30,000 feet of climbing on small Irish coastal and mountain roads. It is a course that will test again and again all aspects, body and mind, of each racer and team. Resilience will be required.
If you are looking for an epic challenge that promises one of the greatest feelings in the world to those who finish, then this 500-mile (800 KM) route will not disappoint.


What the Riders say...

Definitely recommend this event to anyone wanting to get into endurance racing. The course has everything, all on our doorstep too.