The TJB Coastal 330 is a non-stop 330-mile (530 KMs) World Ultra-Cycling Association accredited endurance cycling race. Each rider carries a GPS tracker at all times.

This route is designed for those who want a true coastal experience. You’ll be racing and climbing on a mix of small coastal lanes and well-paved roads that hug Donegal’s spectacular coastline. There will be limited opportunity for time trialling.

The TJB Coastal 330 is also for those who have done the 200-mile distance and are interested in reaching further. It’s long enough to take you through the night and experience the beauty of a sunrise, but short enough to make sure you’re finished early the next day.

  • Categories include solo and 2-person teams.
  • Solos and teams must race with a minimum of one suitable support vehicle with 2 crewmembers (both licenced drivers).
  • Bear in mind that non-riding racers can fulfil crew duties.
  • The TJB Coastal 330 is run on unmarked public roads with normal traffic flow and regulations.
  • Navigation skills are required.

Your support vehicle/s must pass pre-race scrutiny on Friday May 19th, 2023. All solo riders and at least one member of a 2-person team must attend sign-on and race briefing Friday May 19th.

Race Notes 

You will head towards the Donegal coast from the very first mile of this race. But we didn’t want to bypass the beauty of what lies between. Once you arrive at the outskirts of Letterkenny we take you off the beaten path, onto small bog roads and through scenery that will be teaming with colour and wildlife in May. You’ll travel by lakes and through forests before getting your first sight of the coast in Killybegs.

Once through Killybegs you begin to hug the coastline even more. The road narrows and the nature of the terrain will begin to determine your speed. There are sharp ascents, descents, twists and turns with breath-taking views on the way to Kilcar, Carrick and Glencolmcille.

What lies beyond Glencolmcille cannot be so much described as experienced. It’s a doorway to real Ireland at it’s very best.

These are small technical roads, however, they are intertwined with well-paved larger sections contributing to the overall diversity of the route. 

The coastal journey between Dungloe and Bloody Foreland offers a veranda view of local islands Tory and Inishbofin before arriving at a sharp turning point at Falcarragh.

One right turn has you heading up over Muckish Gap and past Glenveagh National Park before navigating the 32 corners that lead to the small village of Glen.

From Glen you re-join the coastline and are treated to the infamous Atlantic Drive. 

A short journey through Cranford, Milford, along the shores of Mulroy Bay and Kerrykeel delivers you through the gateway, at Kindrum, to Fanad Head.

As you leave this last peninsula tip we bring you home on the very edge of the sea, over the upwardly carved signature climb of Knockalla, through Rathmullen, Ramelton and Letterkenny.

You will have one final sight of the ocean at Muff before you cross the Foyle bridge with the finish line so nearly in sight.

You’ll arrive home with a smile on your face, over 18,000ft of climbing and 330 magical miles complete.