New to endurance cycling? Do you want to meet the challenge of the 200, 330 or 500-mile race armed with valuable knowledge and experience? If the answer is YES to either of these questions, then this interactive one-day workshop is for you.

Joe will guide you through the principles of endurance cycling. He’ll give you essential advice on training, bike set-up, equipment preparation and pacing over distance. He’ll address the endurance mindset and most importantly, riding in the night hours.

Jillian, our performance nutritionist, will walk you through the minefield of performance nutrition and the in’s and out’s of fueling for further and faster. You’ll walk away with both on and off-bike fueling strategies and options.

Alan, our crew manager will be available to provide essential tips on various topics such as crew, rider and road management. He’ll also address the administration side of endurance racing so you can breeze through scrutiny and briefing.


There’ll be ample time for questions and answers. We want you leaving this workshop having moved your endurance know-how forward.

Please Note: the Nov 23rd Race Ready workshop is only available to those who have registered for the Team Joe Barr 200, The TJB Coastal 330 or The Joe Barr 500.


£50 per race entry, which includes all team members if riding in 2 or 4 person team.

For only an additional £15 per person you can bring crew members.


You can attend in-person or via a closed digital group organised by us.

Sign-up when you register for the Team Joe Barr 200, The TJB Coastal 330 or The Joe Barr 500